Greendale's Steve Groth tackles modern dating woes in thought-provoking new book

Greendale's Steve Groth offers his first book, "Why Can't He Plan a Date?!" on August 2nd.

It's safe to say that a universal shared sentiment is that the world of dating is a complicated one. Greendale's Steve Groth is tackling the topic head-on in his new book, "Why Can't He Plan a Date?!"

Born and raised here in Wisconsin, this UW-Whitewater graduate now lives in Dallas, Texas with his rescue dog, Barley. After years of experiencing the ups and downs of the modern dating world, Steve decided to become part of the solution. He considers himself a student of today's dating challenges facing millennials. "Why Can't He Plan a Date?!" is a passion project drawn from his own learned life lessons, as well as stories from frustrated women, men, and successful couples alike. The result is a thought-provoking and insightful look into dating expectations, standards, and pratfalls to avoid. Steve is out to make a name for himself by applying the trademark candid, yet thoughtful and endearing advice and commentary that he bestows on family and friends.

As the author describes the project:

"When it comes to dating, what is the one thing you wish guys did differently?" I dare you to ask this question of a single woman because she'll likely give you more than one... women are fed up with today's dating scene, and they're not crazy for having reasonable standards and expectations. My name is Steve, and after being bombarded with feedback after asking this simple question, I realized we need to fix this problem ASAP. My solution is a new book titled, "Why Can't He Plan a Date?!" It is a blunt, entertaining commentary on how millennial guys are failing at dating. The goals of the book are to validate the frustrations of women and give guys a much needed wake up call, while providing coaching to be the kind of man that women are looking for. In addition, the standards I set for fellow guys will help women avoid those who aren’t worth their time and heartache. It's time to fix this problem by embracing and promoting a message of maturity, respect, and what it means to be a man. It's time for some tough love. It's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy reading "Why Can't He Plan a Date?!"

Steve is celebrating the Amazon Kindle and paperback release of "Why Can't He Plan a Date?!" with a pair of release parties in both communities he considers home. The first is right here in Milwaukee, Thursday, August 2nd at Lakefront Brewery from 5:30 - 9pm. All are welcome to join in the fun. Mr. Groth will be on hand to greet guests and discuss the project, while providing all guests 21 and older in attendance two free soft drinks or beers. The second event will be Wednesday, August 8th at Toasted Coffee + Kitchen in Dallas, Texas from 6-10pm. Guests in attendance will get their choice of menu item free.

Mr. Groth recently dropped by the CW18 & My24 studios to record an episode of CW18's Conversations With Carole Caine Podcast. Their lengthy, fun conversation will be released soon on, Soundcloud, and iTunes. Stay tuned!

Whether you're single and looking for a resource of valuable advice or just in the market for an interesting read on human behavior, Steve hopes other proud Wisconsinites will give "Why Can't He Plan a Date?!" a read and tell a friend. As those in the market for a mate can admit, we all can use a little help sometimes.

Learn more and purchase "Why Can't He Plan a Date?!" here.

About the author:

Steve Groth is a proud Wisconsinite who doesn't like being cold. He moved south and now calls Dallas, Texas, home where he lives with his dog Barley. He has been an advisor to healthcare providers, businesses, and non-profit organizations since 2007 and spent four years as a management consultant leading a team of professionals. He earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater in 2006. A guy who self-diagnosed as "clueless" when it came to dating, Steve decided to become part of the solution. He has spent the past several years as a student of today's dating challenges by listening to frustrated women, and also learning from couples who have found success. His experiences and problem solving skills have helped Steve serve as a trusted mentor to others in his life. You can find him at one of his favorite local restaurants, listening to live music, or relaxing on his pontoon boat with friends and family. He unwinds by working out at his local gym, biking through Dallas, walking Barley, experimenting in the kitchen, or cheering on his hometown sports teams. Steve welcomed Barley into his home in 2012 and is an advocate for rescue dogs. Steve's next project will be to analyze what women are doing wrong when it comes to dating. He plans to co-author this book with a female friend and is currently seeking feedback on the topic. Follow Steve on IG: datingshouldbefun