FLASHBACK: Rock Girl Vanessa's Super18 CWick Picks

Relive 2016 Rock Girl Vanessa's :18 CWick Picks as a Finalist back on June 2, 2016.

It's a brand new year and brand new challenge for the 2017 Rock Girl Hopefuls! As we prepare to embark on the journey to the 2017 crown with 102.9 The HOG and Southeast Sales, take a look back at 2016 Rock Girl Vanessa's path to the victory in last year's Vote Rock Girl challenge!

After the Hog-Heads voted her into the Finalist Round of the Challenge, we got to know Rock Girl Finalist Vanessa better as she made her Super18: the CW :18 CWick Picks with 102.9 The HOG's 2015 Rock Girl Natalie at the Finalist Photo Shoot at Front Room Photography in Bay View.

Photo Shoot at Front Room Photography (06.02.16)