Rock Girl Finale 2017 | 5 at Five with Mitch

The Finalists play 5 at Five with Mitch at The Rave.

After a fun and exciting 2017 campaign, the Rock Girl Challenge came down to this, Milwaukee! The Vote Rock Girl 2017 Finalists you helped choose endured the Casting Calls, Fan Votes, Front Room Photography Photo Shoot, and Challenge Nights to get to this event -- the 2017 102.9 The HOG Rock Girl Finale at The Rave -- featuring live performances by Wisconsin's own Rockers, Boxkar, and Canadian Rockers Never Say Die.

The Finalists are tasked with playing a round of 5 at Five with Mitch from the Afternoon Road Hogs. Each contestant has :15 seconds to name five things, people, etc. corresponding to their given category. Who can think on her feet? Find out with this fun game round!

Recorded at The Rave (06.24.17)