My Movies

Sunday November 1, 2020
9:00 PM
Kristen Stuart, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke

Bella Swan moves to Forks and encounters Edward Cullen, a gorgeous boy with a secret.

Sunday November 8, 2020
9:00 PM
All the Wilderness
Virginia Madsen, Danny DeVito, Isabelle Fuhrman

A restless teenager explores the wilderness of his city while struggling with the absence of his father.

Sunday November 15, 2020
9:00 PM
Blue Iguana
Sam Rockwell, Phoebe Fox, Ben Schwartz

Ex-jailbirds Eddie and Paul are on parole and working in a New York diner. Their lives are a dead end. That is, until English lawyer Katherine Rookwood walks into the diner with an offer they can't refuse.

Sunday November 22, 2020
9:00 PM
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anne Hache

Four young friends bound by a tragic accident are reunited when they find themselves being stalked by a hook-wielding maniac in their small seaside town.