Mountain Dew, Red Lobster team up with new concoction: 'Dew Garita'

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 2.23.36 PM.png
Red Lobster is introducing a new margarita made with Mountain Dew, with a promise of more concoctions to come. (Photo: Red Lobster)

WASHINGTON (SBG) — Mountain Dew probably isn't the first drink that comes to mind when you're trying to come up with a good mixer — but that didn't stop Red Lobster from trying.

The popular soda is being transformed into a mixed drink you can pair with your meal: the "Dew Garita."

It's exactly what it sounds like; a new margarita ... made with Mountain Dew.

Red Lobster isn't disclosing the specific ingredients in the drink recipe, but it's safe to presume there's at least Mountain Dew and tequila. Whatever's in it, Red Lobster swears their famous cheddar bay biscuits pair beautifully with the new cocktail.

This concoction is part of the restaurant chain's new partnership with PepsiCo and is just the beginning of what's to come.