Former San Antonio photographer on the ground moments after Beirut Blast

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Photojournalist for Getty Images, Daniel Carde talks with Fox News Midday about his experience on the ground following a major blast in Beirut, Lebanon.{ }

Following the devastating blast in Beirut, Lebanon that sent shock waves throughout the city, Fox News Midday is able to speak with a former San Antonio photographer, now living in Lebanon working with Getty Images, capturing the moments after the horrific explosion.

Photojournalist Daniel Carde, gives us insight behind his photos, and shares his experience.

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Lebanon's Cabinet has since declared a two-week state of emergency. At last check, more than 100 people have died, a toll that is sure to climb as rescue and recovery efforts are underway, and more than 5,000 people are injured.

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Moreover, 300,000 people are now homeless as a result of the explosion, authorities are working to provide them food water and shelter.