Member of bachelorette party makes statement regarding viral Nashville restaurant incident

Nashville Bachelorette party member coughed on restaurant employee, owner says (Mikey Corona)

A Nashville restaurant owner is outraged after he says a bachelorette party refused to follow coronavirus social distancing and mask requirements, even going so far as to purposely coughing on one of the employees without wearing a mask while they stormed out.

It happened Friday at The Mockingbird. Owner Mikey Corona says 10 bachelorettes came into the restaurant at about 8:15 p.m. and "threw a fit" because they couldn't sit at one long table - as current Phase 2 restrictions only allow for six people at a table.

Corona says they tried pushing their tables together after being separated.

"After we told them we can be reported for violating this condition of Nashville's Phase 2, they got up and stormed out - most not wearing a mask when they left," Corona said.

What happened next could have one of the part members facing an assault charge - Corona said one girl, who wasn't wearing a mask, turned her head and coughed a few times on an employee.

"She knew what she was doing. We're in the middle of a pandemic, and you're going to cough on somebody? That is assault," Corona said.

"This is considered assault and we are not taking it lightly," Corona said.

A report was filed and the incident is currently under investigation from Metro Police.

Nashville lawyer Sunny Eaton said in her opinion, the action could fall under disorderly conduct, and could also fall under a form of assault - the second part of the first photo “intentionally or knowingly causes physical contact with another and a reasonable person would regard the contact as extremely offensive or provocative.”

This is just one example of noncompliance Nashville has seen from people, particularly tourists: coming into Nashville, engaging in behavior that could be putting people at risk during a global pandemic, and then going home.

One of the bachelorette party members the restaurant owner called out on social media who is from Mobile released this statement to NBC 15:

All I have to say is it’s the only reason my name is out there and I am getting harassed and threatened because the reservation was under my name. I had no involvement otherwise. The story is 95 percent false.

The member of the bachelorette party told NBC 15 she has consulted a lawyer and could not make any other statements.

Corona said the employee is currently quarantined at home and being tested for COVID-19.