PHOTOS | Hanging with Harry Connick Jr. at State Fair (08.03.17)

Harry Connick Jr. addresses the crowd during his panel at the Wisconsin State Fair. Photo Credit: 1824 Promo Staff

Opening Day Fair-goers were delighted to connect with a fan favorite star on a more personal level as CW18 & My24 proudly presented "Hanging with HARRY" at the Wisconsin State Fair. The multi-talented Grammy and Emmy Award Winning musician / actor / TV personality Harry Connick Jr. took the stage at the Bank Mutual Amphitheater for an hour-long panel hosted by My24's Kara.

Attendees were given the rare opportunity to step up to live mics to share stories, adoration, and pose questions to Connick Jr. in person. Harry endeared himself to the crowd while discussing his career, values, family, celebrity encounters (including a fantastic story about meeting Wisconsinite favorite Aaron Rodgers), and more. He hugged and took selfies with excited fans during the event and surely left many with an experience they won't soon forget. A few were even adorably left physically shaking from their encounter with their idol, beginning with one woman who took to the mic simply to inform Harry that he wasn't giving those seated in the front row any eye contact. The feedback prompted Connick Jr. to jump from the stage and hug the elderly fan from Florida and joker that he'd only share his gaze with her the rest of the way.

One takeaway from his Milwaukee visit is clear: Harry Connick Jr. is truly a sweet, down-to-earth man who hopes his talents allow him to leave behind a greater legacy. He's thankful for his fans and genuinely appreciative that his viewers and fans allow him to have a platform to share family friendly entertainment and stories of the amazing people with who he feels a connection. He is proud that his show allows him to highlight those who otherwise may not have their deserved moment in the spotlight.

The hour flew by as Kara and Harry discussed his travels, thoughts on Wisconsin, and of course, his entertainment daytime show, HARRY, primed to enter its second season this fall. Locally, the syndicated show makes a move from CW18 evenings to My24 weekdays at 3pm on September 11th, with the all-new season beginning September 12th.