THE SIMPSONS Predict the Future Theme Weeks Tell All November 5-16th

THE SIMPSONS Predict the Future Theme Weeks Tell All November 5-16th

My24 is celebrating the uncanny ability of THE SIMPSONS to predict the future with two weeks of special episodes this November!

Leave those crystal and Magic 8 balls on the shelf to collect dust! The team behind the classic animated series has the prophecy game covered. After 600 episodes over the course of its 30-year run, THE SIMPSONS has seen and done just about everything. With the territory of being television's longest-running scripted series comes the opportunity to amaze and bewilder fans and casual observers alike with story elements and one-off jokes that later played out in reality.

The show has always been known for its references to all things pop culture, art, literature, sports, politics, and more. One can attribute the soothsaying over the years to the wit and jabs contrived by the stellar writing and producing team that oversee the show set in Springfield, USA. According to an article by Maya Salam of The New York Times (Feb 2018), showrunner since 1998 and one of the program's original writers, Al Jean states:

The future can be forecast better than one might think. Episodes of "The Simpsons" air a year after they're produced, so it's just a sort of frame of mind that we've got that we think one year ahead. I predict people will make too much of our great predictions.

Regardless of their aim or foresight, episodes of THE SIMPSONS have seemingly predicted the future on a variety of topics, from media mergers to world events to Donald Trump's Presidency. We've collected ten such installments, which will air weeknights at 10pm the weeks of November 5th and 16th. We may not know what the future holds, but it's an easy forecast of FUN for "THE SIMPSONS Predict the Future" theme weeks on My24!

THE SIMPSONS airs weeknights at 10pm as part of our ANIMAYHEM animated comedy block -- featuring four straight hours of laughs -- weeknights starting at 9pm on my Place for FUN...My24!