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Fake passenger almost fools California Highway Patrol

Fake passenger almost fools CHP on L.A. highway (Courtesy: Ofc. S. Sullinger, CHP - Baldwin Park)

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Calif. (KMPH) — California Highway Patrol officers in Los Angeles County were so impressed with a dummy in a passenger seat they posted it on Facebook.

For years people have tried to pass off dummies in the passenger seat to be able to drive in the HOV lane (High-Occupancy Vehicle) to get around traffic.

On Wednesday, CHP Officer S. Sullinger pulled a truck over because he could not see if there was a passenger due to the tinted windows.

When he got to the passenger side, he got suspicious when the "man" didn't move at all and realized it was a manikin.

It was so realistic; it even had sunglasses in its shirt pocket and work boots on.

The driver wasn't talking much, so they don't know where it came from.

The driver told the officer he had been driving with it for over a year.

“Nice try, driver. Here’s your ticket!”

An HOV lane violation ticket is a minimum $490 fine.