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BONES begins its Final Season

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

All good things (and shows) must come to an end, and for fan favorite crime-drama Bones, the beginning of the end is tonight. The adventures, cases, and romances of Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth have been entertaining viewers for eleven seasons on FOX, and the final twelve episodes carry a theme of resolution.

It may be the final season, but according to's Michael Ausiello, Bones executive producer Michael Peterson is confident that the franchise will live on in some form beyond this spring's two-part series finale.

I absolutely am not considering this the end. I am in full-on denial. I’ve been working on the show for eight-and-a-half years. It is my family. I adore it here. I don’t want to leave. And the idea of having some kind of reunion in a year or two I would not rule it out.

In a world with countless formats and platforms available for content distribution -- and a growing trend of revivals, reboots, and reunions -- it's easy to believe that Booth, Brennan, and the Jeffersonian Institute's team could return in some form eventually. But for now, the final season kicks off with an episode helmed by Brennan herself, Emily Deschanel, in which Booth (portrayed by David Boreanaz) searches for Brennan after she is kidnapped by an old ally. Check your local listings.

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